Top 100 Party Schools #40-20

Being ranked amongst the top 40 party schools is nothing to hang your head about. To be honest, it’s a pretty impressive feat that not many schools are cut out to achieve. Regardless, I just want to give a big shout out to SUNY Albany… Y’all are some lovely individuals and I look forward to stumbling around the Washington Tavern sometime soon.

40New York University
39University of Vermont
38University of Connecticut
37University of Virginia, Main Campus
36Rutgers University
35University of Rhode Island
34University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
33University of Southern California
32University of Arizona
31Georgia Southern University
30University of Georgia
29San Diego State University
28University of Maryland
27SUNY at Albany
26University of Tennessee
25Washington State University
24Ohio University, Main Campus
23University of Michigan
22University of Missouri
21University of Iowa
20University of Texas at Austin

Top Party School #20-1