Woman Kisses Man next to her after boyfriend says Nooo

Woman Kisses Man next to her after boyfriend says Nooo

A young girl sitting next to her beer-swilling boyfriend is apparently delighted to have been picked out, but her man seems oblivious to both her and the thousands of people

Guy ask Girl to Prom Using…. Hot Wings

Creative romance is still alive as a young man comes up with a funny yet artsy way. A high school student can be seen popping the big question to a

Top 100 Party Schools #80-60

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Top 100 Party Schools #20-1

This is it, the best of the best. First off, I would just like to congratulate all of the schools who made this year’s Top 100 Party Schools list. Not

Top 100 Party Schools #60-40

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Top 100 Party Schools #40-20

Being ranked amongst the top 40 party schools is nothing to hang your head about. To be honest, it’s a pretty impressive feat that not many schools are cut out

Top 100 Party Schools for 2016-2017

The time you have all been waiting for is finally here. The list you will not find anywhere else. Verb daily brings to you the ultimate top 100 easiest schools